Without medical marijuana, I’d be in rough shape

To think that just a few short years ago I’d be denied access to the one treatment that has made the most difference in battling my chronic pain. Where I live, there was no such thing as a cannabis dispensary until just a few short years ago. This was due to the fact that these long held beliefs that medical cannabis or any kind of cannabis was some sort of demon. Even those who weren’t all caught up in the myths of yesteryear still had it so illogically wrong. That argument was allowing for medical marijuana would be opening the floodgates to a gateway drug. Well, if that’s true, then close up the liquor stores because that may be the biggest gateway drug of them all. It was all just nonsense. Unfortunately, it took big tax revenue to really sway those in power on a statewide level. It wasn’t the medical marijuana benefit to people like me. Nope, it was the money. Well fine, if that has to be the tradeoff then so be it. However, medical cannabis would never have passed were it not for people with deep pockets getting behind it. So that I am also thankful for. But what I am most thankful for is that I can now legally access the cannabis dispensary to get the cannabis products that help me. Without these vital medical cannabis products, I would be bed ridden still. Or worse, a completely addicted opioid statistic. With access to medical marijuana, I thankfully don’t have to make a choice like that.



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