Wondering if cannabis could be considered a business expense

As an insurance agent, I handle 100% of my labor over the iPhone or through the PC.

Funny story, but my first day in the office at this job was also my last day. The next day the quarantine was announced, plus I started working from my household. Approximately 18 months later, give or take, plus I still labor from my own household. The supplier saved so much money on rent they just decided to shut down the offices permanently plus all employees labor from their own homes. This works for me in all sorts of different ways, mainly because now I can smoke cannabis whenever I prefer plus never have to agonize about it… I do have a vape pen, plus it is totally loaded with cannabis distillate all the time, however I only use it when I truly need to. If I am at the films, for instance, or some other fun event, then I use the vape pen because you obviously can’t light up a marijuana joint in a site such as that. Vape pens are discrete plus quiet, plus they contain enough THC to take the edge off! But in my humble opinion, nothing compares to smoking the marijuana flowers plus buds themselves. In a joint, a bowl, a bong, or a blunt, cannabis is my preferred form of medicine, plus it also keeps me relaxed enough to do my actual work. My productivity has gone way up since I started working from my own household plus smoking cannabis regularly through the days. If only I could tell the bosses about this, maybe they could cover my cannabis costs as a supplier expense!

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