Working for a dispensary

I work as a budtender for a local cannabis deispensary. I just sort of fell into the job actually. I am not a user of marijuana medically or recreationally. I actually got into the field through marijuana science training. I was studying to see how marijuana affects patients with seizures, crohn’s disease, PTSD and other issues. After I was done with school I ended up getting a job as a budtender at a local dispensary. The cannabis science training that I had really has helped me in the job. I have a lot more in depth information than most of the people I work with. However, even with that training, I still needed to do cannabis sales training and cannabis products training. I needed to know how to sell the medical strains and learn what they do for the person. The medical marijuana training was really interesting and helpful. I actually worked with a company that only instructs marijuana product training and marijuana sales training. They began teaching me how to recommend products that minimize risks, ward off problems and give successful results to certain types of medical marijuana patients. I got to do mock training with pretend customers. I would recommend products for a seasoned cannabis user all the way to a new medical marijuana patient that has no idea what to get. The biggest thing, as a budtender, is that I realize that it is my job to know the effects of the products I am recommending. Also, I have a responsibility to ensure everyone knows those effects, heeds the warning, and will leave the dispensary feeling good about their purchase.