You don’t want male marijuana plants in your growing space

I remember telling a friend of mine a little bit about growing marijuana.

He seemed to be in shock when I told him that marijuana has different sexes, female and male plants.

He acted like he knew better and that there was no such thing as different sexes. I was quite surprised how little he knew about plants. I explained that the male plants produce the pollen and the female plants produce the buds/flowers. I was explaining that this is why you don’t want male plants in your grow room because those male plants will fill the buds full of seeds. The only reason you would ever want to collect male pollen is to produce your own seeds. This is also a great way to produce your own strains of marijuana. Let’s say you love two different strains and think it might be wonderful to produce a hybrid of the two, you can take the pollen of a male strain that you love and put some of the pollen onto a female of the other strain you love and those seeds will become a cross of the two. This is basically how new strains of marijuana are created through this sexing process. Personally, I prefer to go with the strains that are already out there though, and I typically will only get feminized seeds so that I don’t have to worry about having to kill males in my garden. One thing that all marijuana smokers know is that seeds in the buds lower the potency of the bud.
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