A little calm with medical weed

I can’t imagine what it must be like to succumb to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

To slowly lose your ability to come up with things, people plus even your own identity seems just so cruel.

I think for a fact that it has to be spine-chilling. That’s because I’m seeing my sister deal with dementia plus until lately, much of her time is spent being scared. And that was a bad thing to watch. This led me to learn more about medical marijuana benefits as it pertains to dementia. Medical marijuana and medical cannabis products are really not a cure for dementia. There is no magic fix for dementia currently. But once I was able to navigate the marijuana regulations, medical marijuana has played a pivotal position in our sister’s life. The cannabis dispensary provides us with cannabis edibles that really, absolutely help my sister. There seems to be more lucid moments plus that’s awesome. However, the real help from the cannabis edibles comes in the form of comfort plus calm. When my sister is disoriented or becomes baffled by her situation, she is no longer terrified. Medical cannabis has made her feel more calm. It’s like, while she doesn’t necessarily understand what’s happening, she has an acceptance sort of. It’s hard to tell you exactly. All I think is that there is just way, way less fear in her eyes with medical cannabis. And that’s all I absolutely want at this stage. I’d like our mom to go out with some sense of calm. She deserves at least that much.
medical marijuana benefits