I like the cannabis products but I also go for the vibration

There is plenty of dark energy in our country right now. The default setting for so many seems to be defensiveness, anger and even hate. It’s not good and it really makes it tough to stay positive and have faith in my fellow man. But I do and I work hard at not losing that faith. So I make sure that I am around the sort of people whose default is positivity and kindness. I find a lot of those people in and around the local cannabis spot. Sure, this makes a bunch of sense given that most people I know who use recreational marijuana are nice and lead with their heart. So while I definitely like to get down to the local cannabis spot for the cannabis products I enjoy, I get more. First, there is just a really good vibration at the cannabis dispensary. It starts with the staff who are all really good at what they do. And mostly, the cannabis dispensary staff is good at what they do because marijuana is their passion. They aren’t working a job as much as they’re working a passion. That’s a big distinction and a fundamental reason for the vibe. But the cannabis dispensary is also just well appointed and sort welcoming. I love being in there. Often, I’ll just stop by to see who’s there and have a chat. I heard they’re opening a cannabis cafe soon next door. Oh man, that’s going to be just so great for my life. Happy people outside enjoying a coffee, an edible and each other. Sounds perfect.


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Boys day out with trip to cannabis dispensary

I have two brothers and I love them dearly.

The three of us boys are only five years apart in total. So we were very tight growing up and did a lot of the same things. However, when we went to different colleges, we went different directions as far as studies and life passions. But one thing that we found in common during college was recreational marijuana. It’s like we discovered cannabis within literal weeks of each other. And we all loved it. We were raised to be fairly results and achievement oriented. So it was really nice to add marijuana to the mix and relax a bit. All these years later, my brothers and I are still so tight. We live within about 2 hours of each other. It works out great. We get to see each other at least about every 6 weeks. And we make sure we get a boy weekend in there. Normally, this is centered around a cannabis dispensary that all of us want to try. Right, we are all still enjoying sativa, indica and all sorts of hybrid strains as well. That didn’t go away. We all still find recreational marijuana use to be essential in balancing our careers and adult responsibilities. And those boys day out trips are a blast. We descend on the cannabis dispensary that we have chosen and then scour the place for probably at least an hour or more. Then we all make sure that we get different cannabis products before going back to the hotel. Then we find a predetermined park or beautiful spot and enjoy what we got at the cannabis dispensary together.

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Car crash and needing help for the pain

Most of us don’t understand the physics behind how dangerous it is to be driving erratically or dangerously at high speeds.

Well, I am a living result of just how terrifying the results of that sort of impact can put on a body.

Thankfully, I survived the crash that took another’s life. And with the help of medical marijuana, I am trying to make it in order to rebuild my life. The person who caused the accident escaped horrible injury but he will not escape the stress of it. That means relatively little to me plus the others who are dealing with the results of his careless driving. And truthfully, that’s one of the medical marijuana positives I see. Since using medical marijuana, I’m able to focus more on myself and getting better than being traumatized, miserable plus depressed about our situation. That said, the cannabis flower products I use provide a lot of other positives in my care plan. For one thing, I’m so much more capable of getting the most out of our physical rehab. This is due to the cannabis products plus how they help myself and others with flexibility and dealing with the muscle pain. I’m not experiencing near the amount of burst of pain in my back after a rehab session. So it’s all uphill. Adding medical cannabis products to our treatment and care plan means it’s going well. Honestly, that’s absolutely the important part now. The wreck that almost killed me has happened and I can’t change that. But I can get some help.



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Depression is much better

I smoked my fair share of marijuana when I was in our early teens. And yeah, I loved it. I loved the way it made me feel, allowed me to relax plus kick back. Using cannabis products were somewhat key for myself and others to get through the hardships of getting a masters. I could use cannabis flower products to sort of stop thinking or stressing over our work. That turned out to be essential to getting through that portion of time. So I find it somewhat odd that medical cannabis products are now a part of my yearly treatment for depression. Of course, there is no cure for this condition. Yet, there are many amazing treatment chances for which I am very thankful; Thus far, I have been doing pretty decently with the traditional pharmaceutical treatments. However after figuring out how to get our medical marijuana card, I have added cannabis flower products to the treatment regimen. I did some research on the positives of medical marijuana plus decided it was promising enough to get access to the cannabis dispensary. What I have found is that medical weed absolutely helps both physically plus emotionally for me. I’ve been using medical marijuana for just over a year and it has helped me with my depression so much that I’ve nearly done away with the happy pills. I’m also cheerful to report that since starting medical marijuana treatments, my mood is much, much better as well. However, it is the emotional support I get from cannabis flower products that has been so great.


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Insomnia help with weed

Insomnia is a case that is so awful that it seems just cruel.

  • I know this is why forcing a person to go separate from sleep is a part of “torture tactics” when it comes to enemies of warfare plus others.

For me, it’s nobody else forcing me to stay awake. However, I now have a partner in this mess plus that is medical marijuana. Using medical cannabis has been a much more natural and smart way for myself and others to deal with insomnia. My insomnia started out sort of small. My job is quite stressful and requires a lot of time each week. So, I started doing with less and less rest until it became a learned behavior. From there, it just got absurdly worse. I would go days separate from any good sleep. The stuff the doctor provided me would sort of help although I still was having issues. Plus, I wasn’t excited to try a sleeping pill addiction either. A more natural approach to insomnia brought myself and others to medical marijuana. I attended a cannabis event focused on the medical marijuana positives as it relates to rest. There I learned all I needed to think to motivate me to get through the marijuana regulations plus access a cannabis store. The very 1st trip to the medical weed store was amazing. The staff introduced me to a cannabis flower product that had shown to absolutely help those with our case. That day, after using the cannabis products, I absolutely fell asleep for almost four full hours. There is a distance to go from here. But I’m so glad to experience the positives of medical marijuana and am on our way toward a better life.


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So easy not to fight back

I’m just too young to give up plus succumb to chronic pain.

My case was surprising only in the fact that I’m not yet quite 55.

Chronic pain plus suffering has been in our family on both sides. I’ve seen it absolutely just completely hijacks lives. For me, I’m just not going that route. And medical marijuana is going to be an area of that. There are a lot of alike cases when it comes to arthritis pain in our family. Inactivity, bad diet plus lots of stress are the typical factors outside of whatever genetic predisposition the two of us have to this. The dentist prescribed all manner of meds which I received. But, I’m only using the least effective of these. And with the help of medical cannabis plus an overall change, I hope I’m not on these anti-inflammatory meds very long. I’ve done our research. Along with the cannabis information, I’ve learned how to treat our condition with a good diet, stretching and other exercise. Cannabis flower products help myself and others with all of these up-to-date portions of life. Not only do I get pain relief from medical cannabis products but there is also a sense of hope that I get from the cannabis products. This is something that I am very thankful to have. Next, the folks at the legal weed store are there for me as well. They have been so happy plus helpful as I navigate this up-to-date chapter in our life. Thanks to them, the two of us have picked up the right cannabis products for our particular situation. And that has been such a boost not just physically however mentally plus emotionally as well.

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Shocked to have epilepsy

So the last thing I expected the doctor to tell me was that I had epilepsy.

It just wasn’t at all on my radar.

At the time of our diagnosis, I was a fit, active man in our early 50s. What I thought was a single thing turned out to be something else entirely. Right away, things got very real as our doctor encouraged myself and others to begin medications right away. But there was time in there for me to learn how to get a medical marijuana card. And yes, am I sure blissful I secured access to a cannabis dispensary prior to starting treatment. Without medical cannabis products, I just don’t think where I’d be in this epilepsy fight. Everything happened so fast that it was hard to even come to grips with our condition. Before I knew it, I was one of many other medical cannabis patients. I learned a lot from those people plus to a person, they all recommended the use of cannabis products. They especially suggested medical cannabis use while undergoing a seizure. Medical marijuana absolutely helped reduce the amount of seizures I had. That in plus of itself was a good thing however they told myself and others that being able to eat healthy foods was equally important in their treatment. I began using medical cannabis in the form of cannabis edibles nearly immediately. It eased our discomfort however surprisingly to me, cannabis products also lifted my spirits. The cannabis edibles helped myself and others to come to terms with what was going on plus find some acceptance. But it also has filled myself and others with hope for this epilepsy fight because there is a lot to live for.


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PTSD and medical cannabis

And those are various important characteristics for myself and others to lean on as I salvage from PTSD

For the longest time, I just didn’t want to kick back and rest. Sleep was where the horrible times came out plus just to play with me. Of course, I’m not talking literally but when you struggle with stress, it sure seems like there is something horrible trying to hurt you. Thanks to medical marijuana, I am able to not fear that sleep as much as I once had. And if I have dreams of our trauma, I’m much more calm in dealing with them once I wake up. Living with PTSD is much more than just losing sleep though. I didn’t notice until I started therapy which includes medical cannabis products, just how much our whole life has been changed. Seeing the things I did in the army deeply changed myself and others on almost a spiritual level. It was as though I just pushed out everything but pain and fear. And people just can’t have great relationships, careers or lives when that’s what they are surviving on. The people at the cannabis dispensary have been particularly helpful. The staff has worked with me to find the right cannabis products to help our particular situation. We’re not all the same and medical cannabis has the flexibility to hone in on particular cannabis benefits for a singular personality. For me, it’s the calm plus the hopefulness I get when I use medical marijuana. And those are various important characteristics for myself and others to lean on as I salvage from PTSD. I continue with the therapy and have recently started group events with other army guys who are also using medical marijuana as a part of their treatment. I’m just thankful to have help plus support.


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We both had seizures

I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card plus then got myself to a medical marijuana dispensary.

It’s odd how certain things tend to come full circle in this life. The older I get, the more evidence I see of this case. I lost my brother a few years ago. Having my brother die was impactful. Mainly because my brother was young, hadn’t led the life he wanted plus wasn’t at peace with dying. Once he was gone, the things the two of us shared sort of overwhelmed me. The fact that I’m using medical weed to treat a condition that the two of us both shared would upset my brother for sure. Both my brother plus I dealt with seizures. This is a part of epilepsy that leads to a seizure. My brother’s wasn’t as bad as mine but he ended up on meds when he was in his 30s to treat it. I had to go to the doctor every 6 months to check on my body. There was a stage where I had little success. My brother didn’t think that really had to do with me using cannabis flower products a lot back then. So when my doctor suggested that I consider going on meds for our creeping seizures, I chose to go on medical marijuana. It had worked for myself and others in the past. I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card plus then got myself to a medical marijuana dispensary. The staff at the legal weed shop got myself and others just what I needed with the cannabis products. And since then, my seizures have once again dropped to the high normal amount. Bro has to be grinning about that.



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A little calm with medical weed

I can’t imagine what it must be like to succumb to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

To slowly lose your ability to come up with things, people plus even your own identity seems just so cruel.

I think for a fact that it has to be spine-chilling. That’s because I’m seeing my sister deal with dementia plus until lately, much of her time is spent being scared. And that was a bad thing to watch. This led me to learn more about medical marijuana benefits as it pertains to dementia. Medical marijuana and medical cannabis products are really not a cure for dementia. There is no magic fix for dementia currently. But once I was able to navigate the marijuana regulations, medical marijuana has played a pivotal position in our sister’s life. The cannabis dispensary provides us with cannabis edibles that really, absolutely help my sister. There seems to be more lucid moments plus that’s awesome. However, the real help from the cannabis edibles comes in the form of comfort plus calm. When my sister is disoriented or becomes baffled by her situation, she is no longer terrified. Medical cannabis has made her feel more calm. It’s like, while she doesn’t necessarily understand what’s happening, she has an acceptance sort of. It’s hard to tell you exactly. All I think is that there is just way, way less fear in her eyes with medical cannabis. And that’s all I absolutely want at this stage. I’d like our mom to go out with some sense of calm. She deserves at least that much.
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