Boys day out with trip to cannabis dispensary

I have two brothers and I love them dearly.

The three of us boys are only five years apart in total. So we were very tight growing up and did a lot of the same things. However, when we went to different colleges, we went different directions as far as studies and life passions. But one thing that we found in common during college was recreational marijuana. It’s like we discovered cannabis within literal weeks of each other. And we all loved it. We were raised to be fairly results and achievement oriented. So it was really nice to add marijuana to the mix and relax a bit. All these years later, my brothers and I are still so tight. We live within about 2 hours of each other. It works out great. We get to see each other at least about every 6 weeks. And we make sure we get a boy weekend in there. Normally, this is centered around a cannabis dispensary that all of us want to try. Right, we are all still enjoying sativa, indica and all sorts of hybrid strains as well. That didn’t go away. We all still find recreational marijuana use to be essential in balancing our careers and adult responsibilities. And those boys day out trips are a blast. We descend on the cannabis dispensary that we have chosen and then scour the place for probably at least an hour or more. Then we all make sure that we get different cannabis products before going back to the hotel. Then we find a predetermined park or beautiful spot and enjoy what we got at the cannabis dispensary together.

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