I don’t like having to report cannabis grows

As a park ranger, I get the full joy of going to work in the forest on a regular basis.

I can go days on end separate from interacting with another person face-to-face.

I talk to the office on the phone and the truck radio, and log my findings over my PC. It’s not especially interesting, but basically what I do is look for problematic areas and rotten trees in the woods and parks of the city. I mark the particular ones that need to be taken down, and report them to the office all the time. They regularly send out a cutting crew, but another duty I have is to report any cannabis crops I happen to find, so the police can come out and burn them… This is a big part of the job I do not savor so much, because I smoke cannabis quite often and hate to see it go entirely to waste. On the other hand, I savor my job and it pays me pretty well, and I can’t jeopardize all of that just because I want to protect a couple of cannabis plants. I can’t harvest them on my own, because almost everyone knows that marijuana farmers carry guns to protect their property. I can’t simply ignore the marijuana plants, because if another ranger discovers them they will think I turned a blind eye to illegal activity, so I always do my job. Whenever I discover cannabis, I never actually feel wonderful about this area of the job. Happily my job pays me well enough that I can visit a cannabis dispensary whenever I choose, and not have to fret about growing it or harvesting it on my own.


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