I like the cannabis products but I also go for the vibration

There is plenty of dark energy in our country right now. The default setting for so many seems to be defensiveness, anger and even hate. It’s not good and it really makes it tough to stay positive and have faith in my fellow man. But I do and I work hard at not losing that faith. So I make sure that I am around the sort of people whose default is positivity and kindness. I find a lot of those people in and around the local cannabis spot. Sure, this makes a bunch of sense given that most people I know who use recreational marijuana are nice and lead with their heart. So while I definitely like to get down to the local cannabis spot for the cannabis products I enjoy, I get more. First, there is just a really good vibration at the cannabis dispensary. It starts with the staff who are all really good at what they do. And mostly, the cannabis dispensary staff is good at what they do because marijuana is their passion. They aren’t working a job as much as they’re working a passion. That’s a big distinction and a fundamental reason for the vibe. But the cannabis dispensary is also just well appointed and sort welcoming. I love being in there. Often, I’ll just stop by to see who’s there and have a chat. I heard they’re opening a cannabis cafe soon next door. Oh man, that’s going to be just so great for my life. Happy people outside enjoying a coffee, an edible and each other. Sounds perfect.


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