Shocked to have epilepsy

So the last thing I expected the doctor to tell me was that I had epilepsy.

It just wasn’t at all on my radar.

At the time of our diagnosis, I was a fit, active man in our early 50s. What I thought was a single thing turned out to be something else entirely. Right away, things got very real as our doctor encouraged myself and others to begin medications right away. But there was time in there for me to learn how to get a medical marijuana card. And yes, am I sure blissful I secured access to a cannabis dispensary prior to starting treatment. Without medical cannabis products, I just don’t think where I’d be in this epilepsy fight. Everything happened so fast that it was hard to even come to grips with our condition. Before I knew it, I was one of many other medical cannabis patients. I learned a lot from those people plus to a person, they all recommended the use of cannabis products. They especially suggested medical cannabis use while undergoing a seizure. Medical marijuana absolutely helped reduce the amount of seizures I had. That in plus of itself was a good thing however they told myself and others that being able to eat healthy foods was equally important in their treatment. I began using medical cannabis in the form of cannabis edibles nearly immediately. It eased our discomfort however surprisingly to me, cannabis products also lifted my spirits. The cannabis edibles helped myself and others to come to terms with what was going on plus find some acceptance. But it also has filled myself and others with hope for this epilepsy fight because there is a lot to live for.


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