The medical marijuana store offers large discounts for veterans and SNAP recipients

I live in a family full of former service members in every generation. My great grandfather was a marine during World War Two and his son was a marine in the Korean War. Several of my uncles and older cousins fought in Vietnam, while a few of my first cousins had tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years. Even though I would never join the military and I’m highly critical of it, I have an immense respect for all veterans. It’s quite the burden to carry, especially if you experienced anything traumatic during a tour of duty. I tell people to at least respect the troops, even if you don’t agree with what they represent. Many of these people had no other options to make something of themselves after finishing high school. I’m happy to see that most of the cannabis dispensaries in my state offer blanket discounts for all war veterans, regardless of their age. The medical marijuana store where I shop the most offers a 20% off discount on every order for veterans and SNAP food stamps recipients. My brother gets both discounts because he has both qualifications, which means he gets all of his cannabis for almost half as much money as I do. I’m happy that these discounts are available for those who need them the most. I’m happy to pay a higher price for my marijuana products compared to someone who might be financially destitute or struggling with severe mental and physical health problems. It makes my brother’s life a lot better than it would be otherwise.

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